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The name comes from the names of viagra sale pills neurologist Duchenne and the German doctor Erb, since it was they who discovered and studied this pathology in the 19th century. The problem is relevant to this day, despite modern technologies and advances in medicine in the field of obstetrics.

In most cases, the development of obstetric paralysis is caused by the manipulations of doctors during difficult childbirth, which occur in the following cases: Breech presentation of the fetus. In this case, during childbirth, the baby's chest and collarbone area are damaged. Severe removal of viagra online from the birth canal, if the child is too large, that is, it weighs more than four kilograms, while the size of the fetal head exceeds the allowable parameters. Narrow hips and a small pelvis of a woman in labor. Exceeding the permissible norm for the baby to be in the birth canal due to hypoxia.

In these cases, the gynecologist must apply some additional measures or tools that can lead to the development of birth injuries in newborns. These causes of obstetric paralysis include: Depressing the fetus, in which pressure is applied to the upper abdomen with the hands, helping to move the fetus through the birth canal. Use of obstetrical forceps. Damage to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which also leads to obstetric paralysis of the newborn. In addition, it is this damage that in most cases causes torticollis. After the completion of the birth process, the child is examined by an anesthesiologist and sildenafil for a birth injury in a newborn. Doctors should assess the condition of a newly born baby on the Apgar scale, one of the criteria of which is the mobility of the lower and upper limbs. That is, a birth injury can be diagnosed already at the very first examination of the baby.

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Paralysis is classified based on the location of the lesion. Thus, there are three types of birth injuries that can subsequently provoke flaccid paralysis of the muscles of the upper limbs. Upper. This type of pathology, or as it is also called Duchenne-Erb paralysis, becomes a consequence of a birth injury of the nerve endings of the upper spinal cord and cervical vertebrae. Lower. Paralysis Dejerine-Klumpke or lower obstetric paralysis develops due to damage to the nerve endings of the lower parts of the cervical vertebra and spinal cord. Total paralysis of viagra limbs is the most severe form of pathology that affects the entire upper limb of the newborn.

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There are three stages of obstetric paralysis, which pass one into another: Diagnostic measures to identify paralysis in a newborn child are carried out in the first days after his birth. Since in the first days of a child's life with a mild degree of obstetric paralysis, the signs may not be very clear, special methods or tests can be used to detect pathology, one of which is the dangling of sildenafil online arms when it is located horizontally face down in the doctor's arms.

For an accurate determination, differential diagnostic methods may also be required, in which the presence of such pathologies as osteomyelitis, poliomyelitis, congenital hemihypoplasia, fracture of the clavicle, Parro pseudoparalysis is detected. X-ray and electromyography are mandatory in obstetric paralysis.

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All therapeutic measures to eliminate obstetric paralysis are traditional, but a set of necessary measures is individually selected for each patient, based on the location of the damage and its severity. From the day of birth until complete recovery, the child must be under the obligatory supervision of a neurologist. To relax the shoulder girdle, a plaster cast or abduction splints are often applied. At the same time, the shoulder is retracted back or to the side, in accordance with the affected area.

Effective in the treatment of obstetric paralysis are electrophoresis, mud applications.

If, along with this pathology, the child has torticollis, then applications should be applied to the collar zone too. .

In physiotherapy, it is effective to use paraffin and hot wraps

Massage in obstetric paralysis plays a large role in therapy. For children, it is developed according to a special technique.

It is important to remember that only a highly qualified and proven specialist should do such a massage for a newborn from 0 years old.

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A surgical operation performed for Generic Viagra paralysis is prescribed if conventional therapy has not brought the desired result. Such operations can be carried out not earlier than the baby is six months old. The outcome of the operation to eliminate obstetric paralysis is often always favorable. However, the patient for the rest of his life should not be engaged in sports activities and exclude heavy physical labor, in which the shoulder girdle can be used.